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dance performance

with Diana Teresa Gutiérrez Garcìa, Signa Schiavo-Campo, Kinga Zsofia Szemessy and Bryan Levina Viray



In the today’s globalized world many discussions and projects are emerging around the intention to preserve diversity of cultural heritage, and to safeguard disappearing traditions; to create archives and museum collections. But, how can we think about life cycles of a dance practice? Can we put dance into the museum? Do we need to keep dances alive? How: searching for the “authentic” or reinventing the “past”? Through fixing the form or by developing it? Can our dances and multiple experiences be brought to a dialogue for the emergence of something new, something shared? What would be this hybrid springing from this process of intertwining our stories and the heritage of our bodies? What is your movement herstory? What is my movement history? What is ourstory?