‘We want to smash them all but all we do is disco’

in collaboration with Anton Sarokin
music - 'The Knife - Full of Fire' (Anton Sarokin remix)
title - a quote from the 'Echo is Your Love' song 'We Don't Speak Numbers'
The performance refers to the problematics of collectivity, of utopian community, of affective and corporeal involvement, co-presence and shared experience. What does it mean to be together and to be critical? Reflexivity inevitably creates ruptures in the affect of the collective action, in the pleasure of the collective movement.
Non-normative sexuality and corporality could be easily appropriated and incorporated into the contemporary capitalist system or normative social structures (consumerist practices, the institute of marriage) – i.e. in the existant power matrix. To preserve its subversivity, the horizont of the queer should overcome the systems of exclusion taken as a complex, including economical and postcolonial regimes. Facing the dangers of homonormativity and ‘queer liberalism’, facing the temptation of eternal instability and transgression, how is solidarity and collectivity possible? Or even how necessary it is?