23.10 2019          Intervention at LET'S TWIST AGAIN in the framework of 19892019 KEX OPEN, Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Vienna, Austria)

25–26.10 2019     "Internationalism After the End of Globalisation". Summit participant. In the framework of 'Never Again. Art against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st centuries' exhibition. Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland.

21.11–7.12 2019   "How to stay with art today?" STATUS research project group show. Within the '(non)work' group. KX space, Brest, Belarus.

24–30.11 2019    "6–Chōme-30-3 Higashiogu" group show. Part of Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale. Tokyo, Japan.

30.11-01.12 2019    "Forms of the Art Life" festival. As a member of the Work Hard! Play Hard! working group. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia.

04.12 2019           "The Specific-Emotional", part of E N C H A NT É E S by Alix Eynaudi, TQW Studios (Vienna, Austria). Together with Aleksei Borisionok

09-12.01 2020      "Status - artistic practice and social change", STATUS research project group show. Within the '(non)work' group. Konstepidemin (Gothenburg, Sweden)

2018/2019             "STATUS: a role of artists in the social transformations". A group research project with Konstepidemin (Gothenburg, Sweden) and КХ Gallery (Brest, Belarus)