10.11.22—30.06.23 “In the Meantime, Midday Comes Around” , group show, with Problem Collectve, Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz (Austria)

15.09.22  TALAKA: Self-organisation and Solidarity in Belarus, wih Work Hard Play Hard working group, collective event orgaized by lumbung member ZK/U – Center for Arts and Urbanistic, documenta fifteen, ruruHaus (Kassel, Germany)

25.08.22 "Exiting the Domestic Factory: A B O L I T I O N", event, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Poland)

01.07.22  The Walk (On Gestures, Movements and Rhythms of the Current Resistance in Belarus), presentation at The 13th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (Germany)

05.07.22 burn, on fire, alight, inflamed, glow, ablaze, fervent, go up in smoke, lecture-performance, e-flux (NYC)

08.07—18.08.22  DESCHOOL! group show, with Problem Collectve, Arsenal Gallery (Białystok)

22.07—30.10.22 Manifesta 14 Prishtina, within Secondary Archive (Kosovo)

27.4–28.8.22 Transition point(s) group show, with Problem Collectve, Vantaa Art Museum Artsi (Vantaa, Finland)

31.05.22  'I learned that the earth, like water, has several states' // Antiwаrcoalition art, panel discussion with Kateryna Lysovenko, Polina Baitsym, Olia Sosnovskaya, Ruth Jenrbekova, moderator Tatiana Kochubinska, Q21 / Freiraum Ukraine (Vienna)

11.05.22 When Words Stick in the Throat. Activist and Artistic Reactions of the Art Community to the War and Political Protests, panel discussion with Nikita Kadan, Olia Sosnovskaya, Maxim Tyminko, moderator Lena Prents, Galeria Arsenał (Białystok)

6-7.05.22 Bodies Perform Resistance symposium, Yale University, New Haven (USA)

30.04.22 Strike Event within Work Hard! Play Hard! working group, Uferstudios GmbH (Berlin)

28.04.22 Citing sources (performance) at A Forest Marathon. pARTisanka Party, HAU (Berlin)

03.05.22 Solidarity is knowledge. Visibility and voice of Ukrainian art in resistance, panel discussion with Polina Baitsym, Aleksei Borisionok, Olia Sosnovskaya, Oleksiy Radynski, moderated by Dariia Kuzmych, Deutscher Künstlerbund (Berlin)

7–8.04.22   'The Poetics and Politics of Interruption' at Politics and Poetics of Strike in the Postsocialist and Postcolonial Encounter workshop, University of Groningen (Netherlands)

'The F-Word' (video, in collaboration with a.z.h.) at



'History never repeats itself' interview with Ana Vujanović / NERO Editions / pARTisankA №35 'Your past — our future?

How to interrupt (work, time, movement) a selection of video works for streaming platfrom. Co-curated with Aleksei Borisionok.

Secondary archive, platform for women artists from Central and Eastern Europe.

'Der “ehemalige Westen” und der “neue Osten”: Zur Zeichensprache des Neuen Kalten Krieges'  / Berliner Gazette (with Aleksei Borisionok)

'Black Box East: Towards a Deconstruction of the “Former West” and “New East”' / Mediapart (with Aleksei Borisionok)

'Shouldn’t language go on strike too?' / TQW Magazin

'Future Perfect Continuous' / Ding magazine #3 'About the future in times of crises'

'Peaceful Resistance and the Power of Poetic Dissent' / Valentinas Klimašauskas talks to Lena Prents, Olia Sosnovskaya and Antonina Stebur / Blok MAgazine