06.2020-03.2021   Residency at Live works vol.8. Curated by Barbara Boninsegna & Simone Frangi, mentor: Krystel Khoury / Centrale Fies (Dro, Italy)

06 2020                  Work Hard! Play Hard! Test Test Test

2020                      'Workbook' by Problem Collective. A reading score for Work Hard! Play Hard! Test Test Test  EN + RU

05-06 2020        'Economy of Borders', group installation at Rathaus Moabit. Organized by Marina Naprushkina and Joulia Strauss (Berlin, Germany)

2020                     'Inscription in pencil: on the representation of violence in the International Red Aid pavilion by Aleksanteri Ahola-Valo', with the Problem Collective / Center for Experimental Museology / V - A - C press (Moscow, Russia).