How to interrupt (work, time, movement) a selection of video works for streaming platfrom. Co-curated with Aleksei Borisionok.

'Der “ehemalige Westen” und der “neue Osten”: Zur Zeichensprache des Neuen Kalten Krieges'  / Berliner Gazette (with Aleksei Borisionok)

'Black Box East: Towards a Deconstruction of the “Former West” and “New East”' / Mediapart (with Aleksei Borisionok)

'Shouldn’t language go on strike too?' / TQW Magazin

'History never repeats itself' interview with Ana Vujanović / pARTisankA №35 'Your past — our future?'

'Future Perfect Continuous' / Ding magazine #3 'About the future in times of crises'

'Peaceful Resistance and the Power of Poetic Dissent' / Valentinas Klimašauskas talks to Lena Prents, Olia Sosnovskaya and Antonina Stebur / Blok MAgazine



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