Performance, seminar, lecture, dj-set

performance and event
with Hasmik Tangyan ('Collective improvisation for a dance floor’) and Vardan Harutyunyan ('The entropy and the brutal gravitation')

Using the framework of the performative seminar, the project explores the logic of the Event. The artist refers to multiple historical, cultural and political narratives — national history, art history, collective memories of communities, — and to the modes of their experience and embodiment in personal stories, bodies and representations. In particular, she addresses museum collections and ethnographic literature through their gesture and logic of classification, naming and appropriation. She also works with various cultural and academic texts, tracing rhymes, intersections and fractures, disrupting the habitual course of reading and interpretation, producing new meanings on ruptures and joints.
The format of the party in one of the Yerevan clubs frames the conceptual link between the movement and the political: the pleasure and subversiveness of movement on the dance floor, the torpor of recent political movements, the colonialial logic of an endless movement forward and early ethnochoreology. These narratives are intertwined in the structure of the playlist, as a structure of pleasure and affect, which exposes the disjunctions.