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I am looking at the text, opened in front of me. l Reading is a gesture. l I trace the geometry of its lines, trying to slip off to the margins. l In the stillness of a page, I am trying to imagine the preceding and the forthcoming move. [slide]

The piece derives from artist's reflections on the materials she encountered in the National Library of Belarus, while studying the concept of a socialist celebration: books, texts, images. This story overlaps with her experience of the recent and ongoing anti-government protests in Belarus. The performance traces the relationship between the language and movement, event and document, affect, score and the political. Understanding score rather broadly, as any graphical or textual material describing and calling to action. It operates on multiple temporalities: the past of a movement’s trace, the future of the constantly imagined action, the present gesture of a reader.






Production Centrale Fies_art work space (IT) / Live Works

With the support and choreographic advice of Alix Eynaudi and Elizabeth Ward
Supported by Aleksei Borisionok, Huggy Bears Art Space and Tanzquartier Wien

Photo credit: Roberta Segata and Alessandro Sala Courtesy of Centrale Fies