Olia Sosnovskaya is an artist-researcher. Works with text, performative and visual practices; develops interest in the problematics of the celebration, pleasure and political; body, dance, gender and postcolonial studies. Member of artistic-research group Problem Collective.   

born 1988 in Minsk, Belarus               



2013 – 2015   Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Trondheim, Norway; Blaise Pascal University (UBP) Clermont-Ferrand, France; University of Roehampton (URL) London, UK; Scientific University of Szeged (SZTE) Szeged, Hungary // Choreomundus - International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage

2011 – 2013   European Humanities University (EHU) Vilnius, Lithuania // Master in Sociology, Visual and Cultural Studies

2010 – 2012   'Vytis Jankauskas Dance Theater' Dance Studio, Vilnius, Lithuania

2007 – 2011   European Humanities University (EHU) Vilnius, Lithuania // Bachelor in Media and Communication, Visual and Cultural Studies



2017 The Politicality of Contemporary Choreographic Practices, Lublin Culture Center (Lublin, Poland)



2017 1/2/8 - Demanding Responses (as part of WORK HARD! PLAY HARD! working group), PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany)

2017 Art Prospect (supported by CEC Artslink), Suburb Platform (Yerevan, Armenia)

2017 Civic Media Lab (Dnipro, Ukraine)

2016 Free Home Universit​y (Lecce, Italy)



2017 'The Kyiv International – Kyiv Biennial 2017' (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2017 'One Can Not Be Too Careful' group exhibition, CECH (Minsk, Belarus)

2017 '5th Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art' (Odessa, Ukraine)

2017 'Material Fatigue', Norbergfestival (Norberg, Sweden)

2017 'Construction Festival' festival of new media and audiovisual art (Dnipro, Ukraine)

2017 'Unsound Dislocation x Mental Force' electronic music and media art festival (Minsk, Belarus)

2017 'Names' group exhibition, Korpus (Minsk, Belarus)

2017 'Artes Liberales' art & education festival, Y Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)

2017 The School of Engaged Art Chto Delat public program, D.K. Rosy (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

2016 ''The Specific Emotional': Between the Repetition and the Event' group exhibition, Liljevalchs Hubb (Stockholm, Sweden)

2016 'Talks about Politics: Critical Statements in Belarusian Art of 2010-s’ group exhibition, DK Делай Сам/а (Moscow, Russia)

2016 ''The Specific Emotional'': Between the Monument and the Ritual’ group exhibition, KX Space (Brest, Belarus); in the framework of ‘Month Of Photography in Minsk’ photo festival (Belarus)

2016 ‘Le Smanie per la Villeggiatura’ group exhibition, Suppiej & Zanato Summer Studio (Preganziol, Italy)

2016 'Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival', Earth and Man Museum (Sofia, Bulgaria)

2016 ‘Techno Trance (Paradise Is Now)’ group exhibition, Under Bron (Stockholm, Sweden)

2016 ‘Dotyk Queer Festival' (Minsk, Belarus)

2015 ‘The School of Kyiv’ Kyiv Biennial 2015 (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2015 ‘The Dimensions of Emptiness’ group exhibition, Y Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)

2015 ‘Everything What Is Solid Melts into Air’ group exhibition, Maksim Bogdanovich Literary Museum (Minsk, Belarus)

2015 'LAPSody 2015' 5th International Conference & Festival for Live Art and Performance Studies, University of the Arts Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland)

2015 'BY NOW Contemporary Photography from Belarus' group exhibition, ifa-Galerie Berlin, Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen (Berlin, Gemany)

2015 'BY NOW Contemporary Photography from Belarus' group exhibition, ifa-Galerie Stuttgart, Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen (Stuttgart, Germany)

2014 'The Right to Be Forgotten' group exhibition, C-ROOM, Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden)

2014 'XXY' group exhibition, Y Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)

2014 'Foreign Affairs' International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Berliner Festspiele (Berlin, Germany)

2014 'Gender Day' group exhibition, Gallery KiT (Trondheim, Norway)

2013 'BY NOW Contemporary Photography from Belarus' group exhibition, CECH (Minsk, Belarus)

2013 'BY NOW Contemporary Photography from Belarus' group exhibition, OFF Piotrkowska gallery (Lodz, Poland)

2013 'toKino' Film Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania)

2013 'Former West' Research Congress, Haus der Kultur der Welt (Berlin, Germany)

2010 'Oil Painting' group exhibition, Y Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)

2010 'Videoakt' International Videoart Biennal (Barcelona, Spain)



2017 'WORK HARD! PLAY HARD! TRANSMISSION' Co-curated with Aleksei Borisionok and eeefff. Various locations (Minsk, Belarus)

2017 'YES EVERYTHING NOW', Dotyk Queer Festival opening party. Co-curated with Aleksei Borisionok and Johan Norling. Gallery-canteen XYZ (Minsk, Belarus)

2016 'WORK HARD! PLAY HARD!', a week of tours, lectures, performances, talks, workshops and parties. Co-curated with Aleksei Borisionok and eeefff. Various locations (Minsk, Belarus)