. Exercise

digital collage, digital print on textile or oracal



The work explores relationship between language, affect and political movements through the concept of “scores” in the context of the ongoing uprising in Belarus, as well as other political events in (post)socialist history. Analyzing movements as gestures and collective choreography, the artist uses the concept of scores in a broader context: as a graphic record of motion, including texts, documents, images. The score is used in recording movement, dance or music, and allows to operate in multiple temporalities.
A as a means of representation, it suggests a certain degree of untranslatability. The artist studies the use of language, speech and text in politics, in describing current events and experiences of the past. She addresses affects of language and explores what remains beyond language.









photo: Oleksandr Popenko; Roberta Segata, Alessandro Sala (Courtesy of Centrale Fies)