Not Yet, Not Yet. Again And Again




performers: Maria Kondratyeva, Valeriy Marchenko, Maria Simpson, Anna Shebanova


A collective piece works with the multiple historical narratives and their embodiment, collective memory and relations to various spaces and times. It stems from a series of research workshops with local dancers and a study of the particular historical site in Dnipro (Ukraine) - currently abandoned soviet Palace of Culture named after Illych, which was built in the 1930’s for the workers of the city’s major factory, and served both as an ideological and cultural institution, hosting various dance and musical classes, sport and educational activities; and the square, which has been a territory for political uprisings and grassroots mobilisation since the early 20th century, and where the Palace has been built and thus seized its space.







photographer: Vlad Lemm

Comissioned by Civic Media Lab 2017 Residency.
Civic Media Lab is supported by the Federal Foreign Office, and cooperatively organized by Kultura Medialna Dnipro & | depart.