Minsk choreography map



in collaboration with Olga Bychkova



The video is an attempt of mapping Minsk public space with a help of choreography as an allegoric body practice. The body explores monumentality of vast open spaces, which are not used functionally. They are deserted as power structures forbid any manifestation of unauthorized activity there. We try to use the resource provided by the space of the square, to fill it with movements. We try to get close to the architecture, to approach it, get in touch, to discover the movements set by its surface. Those spaces, that were created to be self-contained and self-sufficient, to be visible, now become foremost tangible and extensional. We try to experience spaces not through the vision, but through movement, interaction and active presence.
The body explores instability. Architectural monuments are either restored with almost nothing from the original project to be left, or just demolished for the site to be sold to investors. Subject to all the mentioned characteristics, the city space doesn’t let the body energy to flow freely; there is a constant interruption and stumbling as a reaction to endless prohibitions and restrictions. The architecture of the city suburbs and squares creates the space with a clear-cut structure, straight lines and sharp angles. On the other hand the city space is hyper decorative, cleaned out, so we try to satisfy it by arranging one’s social body. The city space is overloaded by the signs of power; their noise aims to swallow the voice of the individual.